Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Hey Folks,

I'm sure you've noticed already, but I've gone a whole month without producing anything. I assure you I've been very, very busy. However! I've been getting my act togeather and will be continuing as usual by the end of this week, Hooray!

Its suprising that I haven't been able to find time to continue with these comics, but I've really missed it. Fortunately, however, this time has been spent on my University applications and Exams, moving house and all sorts of other things!(jeez, all in the same month!) and I feel a big weight lifting of my shoulders, allowing me to spend time back on the things I enjoy most,

making 'comics'!! :)

See you in a few days! -Kromus
On a sidenote, Fall of the lichking, just wow.


  1. I've noticed but don't sweat it man. Honestly, forcing yourself to do write when you have other things on your mind can cause burn out pretty quick (been there), so it's best to take things as they come and keep the blog/comic casual and fun. You're on my reader, so you could go a year without posting, and I'd still be here as soon as you get back!

  2. @Chris:
    Haha! Glad to hear it!
    Same for you man, My Blog List at the side here is just as much to remind myself to read some awesome blogs aswell as let others now whats out ther :)!