Saturday, 24 October 2009

Tauren Paladin

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There are many things that WoW:Cataclysm promises to bring. One of those features is level cap raising to 85, of which I am a big supporter of as they can concentrate on other more important things such as balance and content. One of those things also happens to be flying mounts in Azeroth, woo!

But a factor just as big is the upcoming class/race combination extensions due to take place. The list includes;

-Human Hunter
-Orc Mage
-Night Elf Mage
-Blood Elf Warrior
-Dwarf Shaman
-Dwarf Mage
-Undead Hunter
-Tauren Paladin
-Tauren Priest
-Gnome Priest
-Troll Druid

Pretty cool, and really interesting. I've highlighted two combinations in particular that I will come back to, but the matter at hand is how much I wouldn't want to play those other combinations. Not because there rubbish, or because I don't like them, but because I've never really thought about it-- until now.

Now that the opportunity is here, it makes me think more about rolling classes/races, and it also makes me wish I had more character slots, I think Blizzard should definitely consider implementing more, maybe "1 extra slot per expansion owned". Over at The Pink Pigtail Inn both Larisa and Elnia were discussing the recent grants of choice given to us via the race/faction/server change option- here. When Reading this I fully understand why those massive amounts of new combinations were added. I like a certain pair of combinations in that list to, so its highly likely somebody somewhere will want to make one of the others. Its personal preference, and even if we don't really want it, its nice to know the choice is there.

Here is why their highlighted:
For some reason, I really- REALLY want to make a Tauren Paladin. It just appeals to me. My Human Paladin is great, but- dust is beginning to settle on him- cobwebs on his spells- he is disused. Tauren Paladin, however. HOLY COW! (there I said it), what a cool idea! Running around casting judgement on none bovine-like foes just gives me the kinda melee fun I want in a game.

Cover your ears, gnomes- I can't help it, but I just do not like the idea of playing as a Gnome. It almost scares me. I have no Gnome characters at all- I don't know why, Its too strange playing a serious damage dealing class but being all cute and cuddly. Its the perfect dream for my perfect nightmare....

However. Gnome Priest you say? Well, I might just make one. Woah, woah- woah. Wait a minute, Kromus-- you were just saying? and you don't like? What?-

I really like the idea of a Gnome Priest, it seems to make more sense. Healing and helping people seems much more of a Gnome trait(although of course Shadow spec will allow for the melting of faces) but besides that I like the idea. I may, or may not make a Gnome Priest when the time arrives, and I get more character slots.

Hope you liked the Comic!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

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Velen is very scary as a pumpkin:
I know its not Halloween as such yet, but as it creeps ever closer and everywhere has either started or starting to launch Halloween events, I thought I'd wish you a very Happy Halloween- Although I don't think Velen is having the best of times....

One of my favorite seasonal events is Halloween. Even though I don't go around knocking on doors for candy(Candy!!!) I do love to make something out of a pumpkin and put a candle in it-- Usually something insignificant like a aberration or a snowman, Because that last one just makes sense, right?

For the WoW community I guess our celebrations will be limited to Killing the Headless Horsemen and a spot of trick or treating in Stormwind (or, If your really, REALLY brave, trick or treat in Exodar, the residents give out money instead but HEY you gotta' find them first!).

How do you feel about "off-topic Halloween".
Is dressing up as a school girl or as a ninja turtle really suitable-- England seems to think so.

I personally think its great- adds a funny element to it, and after all- you can only laugh or cry about things, and I'd rather laugh when I morally can!

Halloween stuff:
Here's a list of funky Halloween stuff you might wanna' read!

Origin of Halloween explained: Here

Pumpkin shaped as a Death Star(awesome!): Here

Blood Elf Pumpkin: Here

Hope this fills you full of delicious Halloween goodness! Don't eat too much candy, don't give away too much candy, and do not feed the Gnome. GNOME!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

#1 Long Live Stormwind- night elves, too!

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If you enlarged the picture, you may or may not of noticed the number underneath the Dungeons and Draenei Logo. Maybe your asking yourselves this question;

"Is this Kromus getting all chronological with his comics?": Yes and No.

This is the first comic of the story I intend to tell within Dungeons and Draenei, and so you know for both new readers and archive purposes, the comics that tell the story have been numbered. Hooray!

What about all the little "funnies" I've been doing so far? They'll stay. You'll most likely see more of them than the main storyline,- but would be nice for you to see the story of Dungeons and Draenei, and enjoy the short comics I bring to you on a regular basis. Feeding all depths of our WoW Souls!

Hope you enjoy the latest comics- and I'd like to thank, Twisted Nether and Game By Night for mentioning me on blogs and posts-- its great to get reconigition once in a while, right :)

Thanks, and Happy reading!

Saturday, 17 October 2009

More Then One Way to Skin a Dragon

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We're well into Onxyia patch 3.3.2 -- and it seems every bodies enjoying the revamped instance. I'm glad to see old content re-glorified, as I love a lot of the old fights and this lovely instance filled a gear gap I was having in replacing my spell power weapon- and lets be honest, there is a lot of old models that look great and are dis-used right now.

Can an old Worgen learn new tricks?:
We know almost definitely that Blizzard are implementing 'Heroic' Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep, with new armour but same bosses and similar story lines-- the question is, will it work?

I think so, Yes. I love almost all of the old content, and can't wait to spend more time in Azeroth, its so vast and beautiful, but un-used once your high level. Think of it as a business investment, a local area is low on tourism, you're going to try and attract people-- maybe Deathwing is doing Ratchet's local stores a favour.

But the most interesting thing is if they decided to go one step further and keep making old instances have heroic modes, and if they do, I'd support them 100% of the way. Its a great way of offering low and high end content that people really enjoy and would love to see in two different perspectives (I mean, how awesome is it going to be beating Van Cleef to death with bigger, better abilities!).

I'm not sure what other peoples thoughts are on this, but I certainly welcome any more old-content republishing Blizzard have in store.

Let Your Ideas Come To Life!

After a couple of posts I'm happy with the level of responses so far- its nice to see people enjoy something I consider a "fun pass-time"- and hope Velen is keeping you company in your World of Warcraft Experiences.

However, One thing I want to do to make this blog much more interactive is give you the chance to host your idea here. What? What do you mean? I can't draw. No matter.

To have your idea hosted and featured here, or you have to do is post your idea or own comic you've made yourself to me, and I'll feature it if its up to scratch. So if you've got any drawn comics stashed away about WoW, or a concept you can't draw, Feel free to email it to me at -- or if you prefer just leave a comment with your idea below, and we'll make it come to life, and allow everybody to acknowledge your comical awesome!

*If lots of ideas occur I'll take it in turns to draw them, ofc If I don't think they'll work I'll say, we can't be good at everything, after all!*

I hope to see some people take part in this, it'll be fun and it'll get this blog nice and active, as well as other things I have planned! Thanks for reading, have a complimentary Matrix Velen just for reading!

-and as a sidenote, don't worry, im not running out of ideas! I've got too many, but why not do something a little more active? :D

Friday, 16 October 2009

Tier 10 is slowly being released...

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MMO-Champion now shows the Warlock and Mage Tier 10 fresh from Blizzards oven-- I was especially excited as my Main Character is of course a Warlock.

Now, think back. Tier 1 was amazing, Tier 2 looked great, Tier 3 certiantly no complaints from me. It all got better from there, and finally tier 6 was the icing on the cake. Wings, Evilness, awesomeness, being a warlock was great when it came to tier.

But this recent tier has made quiver a little bit- Why does it look like a evil mage? (although essentially you could argue Warlocks are just evil mages anyway). The Mage tier doesn't look to bad, but it has fangs on the head, wouldn't that look better for warlocks?

(Warlock tier 10)

The problem is, every class more or less has a boring or not-so-good tier, but because Warlocks have had such a good track record I guess I'm not used to it yet, but just lately it does seem like Blizzard's design has been a little slacking in places. I really don't like the wizard hat thing with this recent tier.

Rogue tier 10 looks weird too via the head, but the rest looks pretty good. What do you think? Am I just being Vain? I like to look good whilst evaporating souls. :D

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Do you ever feel Rude when you Inspect Players?

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Have you ever sat in the middle of Ironforge, Stormwind, Ogrimmar, New York City- saw something or somebody interesting and inspected them? I know I have- "Hey, whats that cool looking staff?"- So I'd /inspect that Player, inquisitively. But then, I become paranoid that they know that I'm inspecting them, so I often quickly find out what I want to find out and click off that player, stopping them from targeting me and seeing I am targeting them (woo! that was confusing!).

Now, from time-to-time they catch me in the act, and the player will just look at me, often in disgust, and then I feel like I've violated them- but I haven't- I just wanted to see what they were wearing, its flattery.

But still I feel slightly like I'm imposing on somebodies privacy when I inspect them, so I try not to do it for too long. Its a dirty deed needing to be done, I want to know were you got that gorgeous looking staff;

And I want to know now.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Recycle, the Possiblities are Endless.

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I mean, really. Your dumping all your quest items on the floor, theres animals getting in stuck in all those epics your throwing on the floor.

Does it hurt to be a little considerate? use a bin! Blizzard are setting a poor example! :D

I have a challenge for you, try and come up with a solution to throwing everything on the floor, for fun :D.

Gold Spammers

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Gold Spammers:
We've all seen them, heard them, sometimes even stood on them (Remember all those dead level 1 warriors forming a URL in Ironforge? it wasn't a conspiracy). But for those who haven't experienced it yet- they generally approach you and ask you if you wish to buy gold, normally polite.

What went through my head, however- is what would they say if you said yes? Its likely they would just give you a website and be on their way, but who knows if anybody has even said yes before to that particular seller-- Maybe they wouldn't know what to do next....

Saturday, 10 October 2009

You Know Your Addicted

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I think you already know what I'm going to say. This happened to anybody? Ever heard or saw something and thought "hey, World of Warcraft". I have, not like this Microwave scenario(wow that would be bad) but I've sat outside and looked at the trees and thought....I wonder how the weather is in Elywn Forest.

The aspect of becoming addicted is a argued matter indeed. "I'm not addicted, I can play whenever I want" always comes to my mouth, but then I realise I'm just digging myself a hole. (Besides, I have had little time to play recently, and I haven't been sweating with withdrawals...Too much.) Is it World of Warcraft or is it the Player's nature? I think its a bit of both. RPGs generally are 'addictive' as they give the player a feeling of improvement, a feeling I don't blame people for wanting to feel again, and again, and again. I'm no doubt sure some of you played the Pokemon handheld games, they were incredibly fun-- and- 'addictive'.

Feel free to come back!
Hope you found this Comic funny, this blog is intended to be good if you want a quick laugh, but if your in a deep mood feel free to read these paragraphs and questions I'll right underneath- and If you are reading this you are privileged readers of my First comic post- but don't worry....It won't be the last.