Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Vial of the Sands

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Hope you have a fantastic Christmas and new years everybody :)

This comic was just a random thing that popped up when I was looking at the vial in the auction house.

Don't worry, Dungeons and Draenei isn't coming back, just a random bit of fun.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Hey Folks,

I'm sure you've noticed already, but I've gone a whole month without producing anything. I assure you I've been very, very busy. However! I've been getting my act togeather and will be continuing as usual by the end of this week, Hooray!

Its suprising that I haven't been able to find time to continue with these comics, but I've really missed it. Fortunately, however, this time has been spent on my University applications and Exams, moving house and all sorts of other things!(jeez, all in the same month!) and I feel a big weight lifting of my shoulders, allowing me to spend time back on the things I enjoy most,

making 'comics'!! :)

See you in a few days! -Kromus
On a sidenote, Fall of the lichking, just wow.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

No Comic Again!

Being a good little bunny and concerntrating on exams- done very little drawing this week + all the snow excitement in England :D wahay!

Sorry guys, bare with me :)

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year, No Comic Although!

Hey everybody, hope you had a brilliant Christmas and New Years.

I have been moving house + the whole Christmas and New Years thing, so haven't done a Comic this week, although I have plenty planned for next year :)

Wish you all the best in WoW and Life.

or as Player Versus Comic says;
"No Week This Comic".

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Frostsaber and Bad Behavior

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It seems there's mischief afoot.

In terms of in-game, I got my Frostsaber mount a few days ago, thus inspiring such comic. :) Some things were drawn badly and I really think I can pick up on that next Comic.

Yey for my Frostsaber, boo for extinction, so much meat gathered doing this grind!

As for my next target? 100 mounts. Been trying to finish it off and have been, well- slacking. Going to clean up with the easier mounts next week and hopefully start getting some good luck on the lucky mounts to acquire (such as Baron mount).

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Papas Got a Brand New Bag

This bag, to be precise!

and by Papa I mean Kromus, and by Kromus I mean ME! I got this 22 slot bag drop for me first time of doing Bronjahm, and I haven't see any other reports of having it at the moment, so I feel special right now. For a few hours, at least, haha! I occasionally have a little input on things without any creative side-order, but don't worry-- there is a comic on the way!

This blog post will mainly be talking about patch 3.3. As a WoW player, you'd either be a hermit living in the bowels of Silithus or worse to have not noticed the changes, as they are in abundance. However, I'm not here to highlight you all the changes, I'm sure you know that already, instead I want to tell you my bad thoughts, good thoughts and holy Murloc thoughts about the patch so far.

The New Instances:
The new instances are pretty good- they seem fun at the time but that's only because of its freshness, I anticipate that fading away pretty quickly, The Forge of Souls particularly has some very interesting boss moves which we could argue train us up for the upcoming bosses in IceCrown. When I first did the Forge of Souls, I was instantly greeted by Jaina Proudmoore, the Powerful Alliance Mage who has a nasty habit of letting you go first, kill some bosses and then bring the army afterwards. Thanks!

Specifically, when battling against the first boss, Bronjahm, there are some really interesting spells that turns the normal attitude of heroic boss fights upside-down. One awesome move that I think should be introduced as a class spell (preferably Warlocks, since its a soul-spell) is the spell Soul storm, which forces the players to move CLOSE to the boss, rather then run away. This would be a great move to be added to the arsenal of Warlocks, as it would force the battlefield to a much smaller plane- which could be both beneficial or a nuisance to the Warlock and his or her comrades.

As you get to the end of Forge of Souls, you can choose to go straight to the next one, the Pit of Saron, and from there you can also choose to go straight to the Halls of Reflection. Its pretty handy. One of the bosses in the Pit of Saron is really fun. Hes a gnome riding a undead monster, and he has some really interesting moves, again, I wouldn't be surprised to see a carbon copy of these moves in Icecrown.

The Dungeon Tool:
Don't need to write a paragraph to explain its awesome, I'm in love again. This is a tool that caters for both casual players (offering ease of grouping) and hardcore players (offering ease of grouping). Wait, you said twice, why? quite simply, you don't have to be a casual player to experience the annoyances of needing just one healer, or tank, or one DPS to make the group go smoothly-- its a universal thing.

The dungeon tool does bug occasionally, at the moment- but that's expected, and at this stage can be forgiven(but not Forsaken :D). The main bug so far is occasionally it ports you into your saved instance, so there are no bosses, or only half of them are there. Its quite random. Once, we got the Forge of Souls, and the first boss wasn't there but the last one was, so we just steamrolled to the last boss and got some free emblems , although I will disappoint you early, this bug still generates trash.

Should we be worried?
Technically WoW could take it one step further and introduce "preferences" where the leader can choose to have only mages and warlocks, leaving some of the other classes out cold- or maybe the party leader wants only paladins, either way-- I hope Blizzard don't go to far with it's popularity increasing, its common for companies to make a good thing and ruin it by trying to make a great thing better, does not always work.

I don't think they will, but just stop and picture it. You've proberly heard of future genetic engineering in babies, being able to choose their eye color, imagine a WoW tainted by that.

Scary. Giving gear to the rich and repair bills to the poor.

Destruction Warlocks:
I feel so dirty. Any Destruction Warlock would of noticed the drop in DPS this patch. We now have less burst in PvP(which I thought was to balance the fact Melee slice through us like fog) and in terms of PvE-- well. Let me just say that I won't be seeing 5-6k DPS again for a while.

I think I reached about, 4k DPS last night, maximum, my average was 3k. That is pretty bad considering my gear is pretty good, a lot of it is from Ulduar so it should be more than that really.

I just need to practice. Then adjust, and practice some more.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Rockin' Around The Christmas Druid

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Firstly, let me start by saying I love Christmas- and even though its early December, lets face it-- everything is about to prepare for Christmas theming and celebrations all over the gaming world, including World of Warcraft (Funnily enough, my local Superstore was prepared for Christmas in early November!).

I didn't intend to do a Christmas Comic so early, but as do my other ideas, this one came randomly when I was thinking about putting up the Christmas tree, and bam! I look forward to opening my present under Ironforge tree on Christmas day, and I look forward to humming Christmas songs! For World of Warcraft, Christmas is once again a opportunity for World of Warcraft to dish out some festive achievements and fun (although, "fun" part is questionable :P)-- Just remember its called Wintervale! (for cultural diversity and a bit more uniqueness).

Who Loves Festive Events?
I used to. But I'm growing tired of the "go to this guy and honour him" but re-done so the quest text and locations are different. Pilgrams bounty was great fun- both because of the nice reputation buff to help me grind the Wintersaber AND great for cooking content' (saucy!).
I used to love them- but then they got too repetitive, and I forgot to do one for the Proto-drake so my motivation has plunged to a whole new low.

Comic Focus:
From now on I'll be telling you my Comic focuses for some improvement. So first target; from now I want to start making the characters move a bit more, rather than stay static. So if I don't improve on this next week let me know- although I'm sure you will :D

And I must finish by saying;
If you have a dog, don't let him do his buisness on a Druid this Christmas.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

2012 WoW

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First of all I'd like to apologize to followers for this comic. Its an experiment of mine, I really wanted to increase my Photoshop 'skills' by making a one-off comic with Photoshop, but I didn't anticipate how much jumping into a new program can effect your drawing. So the quality is a bit mixed.

note aside, anybody been to see the movie 2012? I haven't yet but I definitely intend to. Partly for the story, partly for stuff blowing up (at least, that's the exact reason why I watched Day after Tomorrow, similar scenario). It was when my friend asked me if I wanted to go see 2012 sometime that this idea came to mind, for some reason. I thought of Yellowstone park exploding and for some reason that linked me to Fire Plume ridge, and it all went downhill from there.


In a way, Cataclysm will resemble the end of the world for some parts of Azeroth. Some places shall be encased in lava, others hit by earthquakes. In a way- even WoW has its own "2012", except in the form of a £25 expansion ;). Its safe to say nowhere is safe from the elements(including new life, nature, in places such as desolace, and the new water animation/graphics look lush!).

I am really looking forward to the new designed environments, but once there here I know I'll miss the memories associated with the old design. I love's "Around Azeroth" project. They'll be so many pictures I can go through. So much memory. Nostalgia.

I decided to keep it as a movie poster, rather then continue onwards with a bit of a comic strip. I Hope you see this as a movie poster comic, because that is what I intend for it to do, and finally, any comments on this kind of style is welcome, I do intend on continuing as normal for the next installments, but as a student I think its my duty to try different techniques once in a while :).

Most importantly, this blog is for myself and my expression, and I think I benefited a little from it.