Saturday, 19 December 2009

Frostsaber and Bad Behavior

*Click picture for bigger and better quality*

It seems there's mischief afoot.

In terms of in-game, I got my Frostsaber mount a few days ago, thus inspiring such comic. :) Some things were drawn badly and I really think I can pick up on that next Comic.

Yey for my Frostsaber, boo for extinction, so much meat gathered doing this grind!

As for my next target? 100 mounts. Been trying to finish it off and have been, well- slacking. Going to clean up with the easier mounts next week and hopefully start getting some good luck on the lucky mounts to acquire (such as Baron mount).


  1. Grats Kromus! Quite a beauty, that mount, isn't it?

    But yeah, killing all those cute animals for it felt a bit weird.

  2. Grats on the Frostsaber! You have more patience than I ever will!

  3. @Larisa:
    Thanks :D The mount is really pretty :) Stands out more than I thought it would.

    Poor animals, eh?

    Thanks! Always wanted it but never wanted to enter the grind, nutil I became slightly casual. Made it easier to log on and off as I pleased, do a few quests, move on! :D

  4. Grats! And funny comic. I love how you worked Winnie the Pooh in, lol. Nice work man.

  5. @chris;
    Thanks mate :D poor winnie the pooh, eh!


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. "Extincting"? Extinct isn't a verb... ;)

    Too bad you can't just _edit_ your comments, instead you have to delete and re-post them.

  8. I started reading your comic when it was listed on, and i really like it.

    This one was, i hate to say it, brought down by "extincting".

    Your options really are "causing the extinction of", since extinction is a noun, or using a similiar verb like "exterminating", which doesn't really carry the same sense but is, you know, a verb. :P

    Winnie the pooh was a great touch.

  9. @Rhonin:
    Ahh sorry, I'll be more careful next time. Thanks!

    @anon: thanks very much :)
    And well, as a English Literature student, these kinda mistakes are the last thing that should be happening :P /facepalm

    Poor winnie. Thanks again!

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