Saturday, 5 December 2009

Rockin' Around The Christmas Druid

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Firstly, let me start by saying I love Christmas- and even though its early December, lets face it-- everything is about to prepare for Christmas theming and celebrations all over the gaming world, including World of Warcraft (Funnily enough, my local Superstore was prepared for Christmas in early November!).

I didn't intend to do a Christmas Comic so early, but as do my other ideas, this one came randomly when I was thinking about putting up the Christmas tree, and bam! I look forward to opening my present under Ironforge tree on Christmas day, and I look forward to humming Christmas songs! For World of Warcraft, Christmas is once again a opportunity for World of Warcraft to dish out some festive achievements and fun (although, "fun" part is questionable :P)-- Just remember its called Wintervale! (for cultural diversity and a bit more uniqueness).

Who Loves Festive Events?
I used to. But I'm growing tired of the "go to this guy and honour him" but re-done so the quest text and locations are different. Pilgrams bounty was great fun- both because of the nice reputation buff to help me grind the Wintersaber AND great for cooking content' (saucy!).
I used to love them- but then they got too repetitive, and I forgot to do one for the Proto-drake so my motivation has plunged to a whole new low.

Comic Focus:
From now on I'll be telling you my Comic focuses for some improvement. So first target; from now I want to start making the characters move a bit more, rather than stay static. So if I don't improve on this next week let me know- although I'm sure you will :D

And I must finish by saying;
If you have a dog, don't let him do his buisness on a Druid this Christmas.


  1. Miss Medicina is spreading the message! Hopefully it will result in a merrier christmas for all tree druids this year!

  2. lmfao woah I haven't got around to doing my usual blog cycle today yet so I didn't see that.

    Thanks Larisa! And thanks Miss Medicine for reconising such an important message.

  3. Very nice. and marked improvement every week! I enjoyed this week's gag and pacing. keep it up!

  4. @Zach:
    Thank you very much :) I hope to improve, and I take everybody's comments onboard.

    I love christmas, they should reskin resto-druids to have christmas lights for a day :P

  5. @kalibreonline:
    Thanks mate! :D Glad you liked it!