Monday, 9 November 2009

Comic Off-Topic

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(Wonder if you noticed the disapearing poster)

As the title of the Post states, this really is a off-topic post in relation of World of Warcraft- but not so off-topic in terms of gamer behavior. The above comic is about the late-release of the Left 4 Dead 2 demo, which people were eagerly anticipating-- including myself.

Luckily I am patient, and I sat like a good little Warlock doing' other things whilst I waited. Out of interest, I checked the steam forums and found one thing. RAGE. There were rage posts everywhere, "OMG111 Vlave11 Huw cud you" and "DEMO LATE FFSS" everywhere. In a way it was a compliment to Valve (the creator of Left 4 Dead 2 and the Steam store software) as it meant people were acutally eagerly anticipating the game, which is good news since the possible boycotts.

But it reminded me:
But seeing the forum rage reminded me of the Battlenet rage when we couldn't log on for about 2 hours once-- which again I wouldn't mind, but it was 7:30-9:30 (aproximately depending on the person). This time peroid is right in the middle of common raiding times, so a lot of raids missed out on their ultimate goal, and my guild's raid had to be reduced to a 10 man I beleive, as we've been trying Ulduar Hard modes and it makes them much harder than they need to be with less people.

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This Comic was made for a friend over at WeGame, a gaming community site.

He had just started a new comic about people at WeGame and wanted people to do a "burn" of him. (a burn is a comical joke about somebody with no malicious intent, so putting his face on a squirrel saying "i love nuts"). I decided to make a Comic about it, and thankfully he loved this comic so it went down as intended-- although some of the comics it received were more glad about Kanye being shot then the actual joke itself :P.

Hope you enjoy these off-topic comics!

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