Saturday, 14 November 2009

What is your world....of Warcraft

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Quite recently with my current transition from full-time raider to pug'ing raids at most, I've began to dabble into the other aspects of the game I've neglected, such as PvP and general exploration.

This week, after realising my current casual play-style within World of Warcraft(Basically, things I have to do keep making me just miss the start of the raid, meaning I have to pass for other members of course, but if there is a spot I am free to join), I decided to start grinding for the frostsaber mount in Winterspring. Yey! Its not too bad, I'm not bored of it yet, just became friendly reputation with them, just not looking forward to the revered to exalted grind--as it'll be such a long time.

I've also started to get more into PvP, its really fun as Destruction Warlock, even though a few hits and you're down, hopefully you can decimate their limbs before they can even get within melee range (and if its a caster, normally its a fairly even fight). I then started to think about what was making me play World of Warcraft. Is it achievements, raiding, Pvp, grinding, exploration?

A few months ago it was raiding, but now its mostly just grinding and exploration, with a little bit of PvP thrown in.

What do you play WoW for? what do you play any MMO for?


  1. Did darklegacy do an NPC strike before?

  2. Not that I've seen,

    Though with strikes being a common thing in day-to-day life, I'm sure others including me imagined it in WoW before :)

  3. Ahahaha thats funny nice one

  4. I just wanted to say I love your comics and read your blog religiously. However, I can't normally comment from work.

  5. Yeah Darklegacy allready did the strike for about 3 weeks ago for a few comics. sorry but lame

  6. Thanks Fish, great to hear you're enjoying this blog :D Really nice to get good feedback :D

    and @Anon: It would be sucidal for anybody to copy such a high standard and popular comic series such as darklegacycomics, and I personally don't like copying or cheating ideas.

    With that information in mind hopefully you can understand that it was a coincedence, and all that matters is I know I didn't copy the idea.

    (I love dark legacy comics, and of all the comics to miss I missed the npc strike one, I'll make sure the idea doesn't exist next time, espeically with my lower standard quality).

  7. You know, I've always wondered why the NPCs would buy our useless grey items and what they did with them. I mean, I'm certainly happy that they buy them, but its kind of stupid of them. (Then again, I'm sure escort quests were invented for the sole purpose of explaining that npcs are indeed stupid)

    And to answer your question - I think the whole reason I keep playing the same MMO is because I can constantly change my reason for playing it:
    - when I want some brain numbing, there's farming
    - when I want a brain workout, there's raiding/class mechanics stuff
    - when I want to socialize from the comfort of my room, there's gchat
    - when I want to blow off some steam, there's AV
    - when I want to feel better about my intelligence, I can read trade chat

    All that in a single video game.

  8. more importantly, like us how do they manage to store it all, they must definately eat it.

    And very true Ophelie, wow is great for that. Whenever I feel competitive theres pvp, and all the reasons you listed, too. lmao.

    I love a good slice of tactics, espeically when you've not done something before! :)

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