Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Gnome Mercy for Gnomish Crimes

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p.s I know its not great, its quite lame, but It made me laugh doing it 8-)

I'm a big fan of community spotlights; you know the kind- where you stand up and say "I love this person's blog".

Even though this is a Comic website, and Community Spotlight doesn't seem to be very common throughout Comic websites-- I still like to give people a mention- especially those who deserve it. In this post I'd like to talk to you about a gnome's (and any other race too!) retreat in the form of blogging. The Pink Pigtail Inn.

This blog glides out high quality blog posts almost daily, and its contributors is the Innkeeper, Larisa-- a fluffy Pink Gnome of which I've drawn above for fun(don't mock :P) and its bartender Elnia, of which I actually have no idea what he plays. (Theres a question for you Elnia :D ). I thought the Pink Pigtail Inn was definitely worth mentioning as Larisa effectively got me into Blogging, as well as other factors of course, but Larisa gave me the guidance needed- as well as a great blog to read and look up to.
However, just lately Larisa has been a sad little gnome, because of micro-transactions, and Elnia also was annoyed by it- but she has had the all clear, guys. Shes made a post saying shes still the merrymaker shes always been, but shes just hit a bit of a passionate topic. Horrah :D

The above drawing is for you Larisa :D Fellow guildie! Gnome!
(speaking of which, both Blizzard, My Guild and pretty much WoW love to use gnomes as all sorts of silly talk such as gnome catapults, shoes, I wonder why :D?)

Passion for what we Hate:
Can I blame Larisa for passionately writing about what she is passionate about, against, etc? No. I to have subjects that make the very dark foundations of my blood boil. These things include;

-People who spit on a game just because its graphics, EVEN if its game play is amazing.
-Nit-Pickers (people who pounce on typos and mistakes)

Luckily, within WoW, only 2 of those can likely come into play. Its not Religion because you don't enter a fantasy world and start bragging about what you do in real-life, that's not the point, that's not immersive at all- its in the real-world it annoys me- woo. Its not People VS graphics because normally they won't touch the game they think "sucks" thus they won't be on World of Warcraft. The only possible one you're likely to come across is Bullies, but even then we're protected by such things as name changes, massive environments etc, but it does still happen. Nit-pickers happens alot in WoW, somebody could make a really good discussion, or say something really intresting, and often people will decide to turn the whole discussion about how much they suck at spelling for accidental spelling "hello" as "helol"-- ruining the whole thing. Or if they make one tiny mistake, despite the fact the main tank is a cloth-wearer, they'll somehow turn the wipe against a innocent lonesome healer who in fact wasn't the problem at all.

That was just a paragraph, but I could write for hours about those subjects, because that's passionate, that's feeling you owe the world an explanation, you owe the world your say, and you owe it to yourself to defend whats right in such a sheepish world.

Recent Up-Roar:
Which is why I've found these recent blog posts interesting. There has been some heated responses and some moral debates but at the end of the day, Blizzard have said they plan on doing more things like this, as they feel its going to be a big part of World of Warcraft in the future, be it vanity or armour, I don't know-- I HIGHLY doubt it'll be anything more.
But enough about that, let us finish with the celebration of The Pink Pigtail Inn, and leave with the message that I love community spotlights, as if not for reading Tobold's interview with Chris from Gamebynight, I wouldn't of come across his website, which Is also an interesting read.

Thanks for reading! My new comic on the way should be interesting! Trying to up the art a little bit.


  1. Kromus, you are the sweetest guildie and fellow blogger ever!
    Christmas cecorations in the hair! That's a brilliant idea! I'd rather have that than the pretty silly christmans bikins they're currently offering as a sesonal costume.

    Thanks for the celebration. You really cheered me up there (even though you can't tell it from your picture, I look rather sulky, as I do in the game. But if you're listening carefully you'll hear a delightful gnomish giggle)

  2. Hey Kromus,

    I liked this article. I'd heard of Larisa's blog but never actually read it and this post inspired me to do so. I'm liking it so far. Community spotlights are something I've always really enjoyed too. It's like a behind the scenes look at the blog person writing. I need to get back to those one of these days :-)

    BTW: Your comics are so far above what I'm able to draw, it's funny. Don't doubt yourself man!

  3. @Larisa:
    Yeah, christmas decorations came to mind straight away when I thought of "Merrymaker".

    haha. I Know its not a great gnome but it made me laugh, glad you liked it Larisa!


    Good, good, its a great blog, I read it alot :) And thanks! just think i could make them better I guess.

  4. I play a NE Druid of USA-Silver Hand

  5. Awesome! Dr00d!

    Hope your Boomkin :D I love boomkins,crit ftw.