Saturday, 10 October 2009

You Know Your Addicted

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I think you already know what I'm going to say. This happened to anybody? Ever heard or saw something and thought "hey, World of Warcraft". I have, not like this Microwave scenario(wow that would be bad) but I've sat outside and looked at the trees and thought....I wonder how the weather is in Elywn Forest.

The aspect of becoming addicted is a argued matter indeed. "I'm not addicted, I can play whenever I want" always comes to my mouth, but then I realise I'm just digging myself a hole. (Besides, I have had little time to play recently, and I haven't been sweating with withdrawals...Too much.) Is it World of Warcraft or is it the Player's nature? I think its a bit of both. RPGs generally are 'addictive' as they give the player a feeling of improvement, a feeling I don't blame people for wanting to feel again, and again, and again. I'm no doubt sure some of you played the Pokemon handheld games, they were incredibly fun-- and- 'addictive'.

Feel free to come back!
Hope you found this Comic funny, this blog is intended to be good if you want a quick laugh, but if your in a deep mood feel free to read these paragraphs and questions I'll right underneath- and If you are reading this you are privileged readers of my First comic post- but don't worry....It won't be the last.


  1. Your comics are super cute, and you make me giggle, so I'm subscribing to you now, haha.

    When my fiance turned 30, he announced his real life ding to everyone and insisted he should get an achievement for it.

  2. @Bob dole: Thanks again, Bob Dole lmao.

    Thank you alot :D Im glad I make you giggle! and I hope the combination of words and pictures is good!

    That is pretty awesome, I know in my guild when somebody gets older on the forums we always announced that they 'dinged' instead of 'got older'. :)!