Saturday, 24 October 2009

Tauren Paladin

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There are many things that WoW:Cataclysm promises to bring. One of those features is level cap raising to 85, of which I am a big supporter of as they can concentrate on other more important things such as balance and content. One of those things also happens to be flying mounts in Azeroth, woo!

But a factor just as big is the upcoming class/race combination extensions due to take place. The list includes;

-Human Hunter
-Orc Mage
-Night Elf Mage
-Blood Elf Warrior
-Dwarf Shaman
-Dwarf Mage
-Undead Hunter
-Tauren Paladin
-Tauren Priest
-Gnome Priest
-Troll Druid

Pretty cool, and really interesting. I've highlighted two combinations in particular that I will come back to, but the matter at hand is how much I wouldn't want to play those other combinations. Not because there rubbish, or because I don't like them, but because I've never really thought about it-- until now.

Now that the opportunity is here, it makes me think more about rolling classes/races, and it also makes me wish I had more character slots, I think Blizzard should definitely consider implementing more, maybe "1 extra slot per expansion owned". Over at The Pink Pigtail Inn both Larisa and Elnia were discussing the recent grants of choice given to us via the race/faction/server change option- here. When Reading this I fully understand why those massive amounts of new combinations were added. I like a certain pair of combinations in that list to, so its highly likely somebody somewhere will want to make one of the others. Its personal preference, and even if we don't really want it, its nice to know the choice is there.

Here is why their highlighted:
For some reason, I really- REALLY want to make a Tauren Paladin. It just appeals to me. My Human Paladin is great, but- dust is beginning to settle on him- cobwebs on his spells- he is disused. Tauren Paladin, however. HOLY COW! (there I said it), what a cool idea! Running around casting judgement on none bovine-like foes just gives me the kinda melee fun I want in a game.

Cover your ears, gnomes- I can't help it, but I just do not like the idea of playing as a Gnome. It almost scares me. I have no Gnome characters at all- I don't know why, Its too strange playing a serious damage dealing class but being all cute and cuddly. Its the perfect dream for my perfect nightmare....

However. Gnome Priest you say? Well, I might just make one. Woah, woah- woah. Wait a minute, Kromus-- you were just saying? and you don't like? What?-

I really like the idea of a Gnome Priest, it seems to make more sense. Healing and helping people seems much more of a Gnome trait(although of course Shadow spec will allow for the melting of faces) but besides that I like the idea. I may, or may not make a Gnome Priest when the time arrives, and I get more character slots.

Hope you liked the Comic!


  1. Mass dispel is the bane of my existence.

  2. bwahaha its not so bad for me as a Destruction Warlock =]

  3. Lol im not sure but i think theres a mistake in the third box thingie :3 the speech bubble shuld be pointing on the HOLY COW !!!!

  4. Indeed, made some speech bubble mistakes- learning curve I guess :).