Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Do you ever feel Rude when you Inspect Players?

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Have you ever sat in the middle of Ironforge, Stormwind, Ogrimmar, New York City- saw something or somebody interesting and inspected them? I know I have- "Hey, whats that cool looking staff?"- So I'd /inspect that Player, inquisitively. But then, I become paranoid that they know that I'm inspecting them, so I often quickly find out what I want to find out and click off that player, stopping them from targeting me and seeing I am targeting them (woo! that was confusing!).

Now, from time-to-time they catch me in the act, and the player will just look at me, often in disgust, and then I feel like I've violated them- but I haven't- I just wanted to see what they were wearing, its flattery.

But still I feel slightly like I'm imposing on somebodies privacy when I inspect them, so I try not to do it for too long. Its a dirty deed needing to be done, I want to know were you got that gorgeous looking staff;

And I want to know now.


  1. I always like your stuff kromus and as always this one made me laugh

  2. Thanks mate-- glad it did. Hope you remember it next time you inspect somebody, too! :)

  3. Haha, I too feel slightly dirty when I do my sneaky inspections. And yet - isn't it pretty cool to be inspected? All that attention... I don't mind others inspecting me, so why be embarrassed about inspecting others? Hm... something to ponder upon.

  4. I guess it is because you can't inspect someone sneakily, you have to target that person (and yes, I feel like I am intruding too when I do it).

    And it has happened that I have clicked Invite instead of Inspect, which definitely throws all sneakiness of the inspection out the window.

  5. @Larisa:
    You're right, I do feel some what complimented when I get inspected, but I still feel slightly crafty when I inspect others, haha!
    I guess its just a full circle :)

    Oh god I've done that before, and its even worse when they accept it, and you have to remove them from group and tell them it was a mistake, and even if you don't specify what you're doing- its pretty obvious. All you can do is say sorry and walk away embarrased haha!

  6. I guess I have no shame because I'll inspect people and follow them around if they start getting to far away. I usual only do this with people I've grouped with though because I'm curious about their talents or why they did so good (or bad lol) during the run we were on.

  7. Back in my FF XI days, the game would give you a message like "Dickie is inspecting you" whenever you peeked in to someone. It was very awkward when people did that, it did almost feel like a personal space violation. People would get into arguments in zone chat over someone inspecting them without reason.

    I guess we just attached a lot of personal characteristics to our characters?

  8. @Mister K:
    Then in that respect I envy you, haha! I always feel guilty even if its for a couple of seconds.

    Really? Gosh- i'd find that very embarrasing. I mean-- you really want to find out somebodys armour but you know their going to know your looking at them....Its quite intrusive!

    Its like in real-life really, if your just looking at somebody out of intrest not out of malice, if they catch you it can still look wrong. :o

  9. This cracked me up. A lot of times I'll be inspecting other priests to see if they are holy or disc. A lot of the time they will inspect me right back. And then I feel as though we should exchange phone numbers or something, or say something like "was it as good for you as it was for me?"

    It does feel vaguely dirty! When I catch someone inspecting me though, I puff out my chest in pride. Or I take everything off and dance around them naked in my sexy femdwarf briefs.

  10. Hahahaha, Jessabelle. "Was it as good for you as it was for me?" Made me laugh! haha.

    I have to agree, it does feel quite dirty- and I try to do it as quickly as possible.

    But also when I'm being inspected I don't know what to do, I feel underwatch as if I was performing a play, haha!

    Target-of-target causes as much trouble as it reduces, haha! :)