Thursday, 22 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

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Velen is very scary as a pumpkin:
I know its not Halloween as such yet, but as it creeps ever closer and everywhere has either started or starting to launch Halloween events, I thought I'd wish you a very Happy Halloween- Although I don't think Velen is having the best of times....

One of my favorite seasonal events is Halloween. Even though I don't go around knocking on doors for candy(Candy!!!) I do love to make something out of a pumpkin and put a candle in it-- Usually something insignificant like a aberration or a snowman, Because that last one just makes sense, right?

For the WoW community I guess our celebrations will be limited to Killing the Headless Horsemen and a spot of trick or treating in Stormwind (or, If your really, REALLY brave, trick or treat in Exodar, the residents give out money instead but HEY you gotta' find them first!).

How do you feel about "off-topic Halloween".
Is dressing up as a school girl or as a ninja turtle really suitable-- England seems to think so.

I personally think its great- adds a funny element to it, and after all- you can only laugh or cry about things, and I'd rather laugh when I morally can!

Halloween stuff:
Here's a list of funky Halloween stuff you might wanna' read!

Origin of Halloween explained: Here

Pumpkin shaped as a Death Star(awesome!): Here

Blood Elf Pumpkin: Here

Hope this fills you full of delicious Halloween goodness! Don't eat too much candy, don't give away too much candy, and do not feed the Gnome. GNOME!


  1. Poor, Velen. All us Draenei get this hate though. Ingame my draenei is constantly called 'fat' and 'slow' by my guild mates. :P

  2. I used to not like Draenei very much either -until I made a Draenei Shaman, I love him :D.

    Its only recently I began to like Draenei- they look as awesome as they can look strange.

  3. Ah, my Death Star carving from 2006 is everywhere now. Its great to see. More cool though is all the death star carvings that are now out there. If anyone is interested in carving the Death Star, my Death Star Carving tutorial is a great place to start!

  4. Its a great carving, hehe.

    yey for deathstar! Never know might try it thanks ;).