Sunday, 11 October 2009

Gold Spammers

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Gold Spammers:
We've all seen them, heard them, sometimes even stood on them (Remember all those dead level 1 warriors forming a URL in Ironforge? it wasn't a conspiracy). But for those who haven't experienced it yet- they generally approach you and ask you if you wish to buy gold, normally polite.

What went through my head, however- is what would they say if you said yes? Its likely they would just give you a website and be on their way, but who knows if anybody has even said yes before to that particular seller-- Maybe they wouldn't know what to do next....


  1. Keep Up The Good Work!

    -Bob Dole.

  2. Lol! I am definitely going to try out that line next time some lvl 1 warrior in Elwynn forest approaches me! :-D

  3. @Bob Dole:

    Defonately, I'm always polite with them anyway, "No thankyou", But it would be hilarious to see what they say- I bet they just imagine you'll fire abuse at them. They get it a lot. :)