Wednesday, 21 October 2009

#1 Long Live Stormwind- night elves, too!

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If you enlarged the picture, you may or may not of noticed the number underneath the Dungeons and Draenei Logo. Maybe your asking yourselves this question;

"Is this Kromus getting all chronological with his comics?": Yes and No.

This is the first comic of the story I intend to tell within Dungeons and Draenei, and so you know for both new readers and archive purposes, the comics that tell the story have been numbered. Hooray!

What about all the little "funnies" I've been doing so far? They'll stay. You'll most likely see more of them than the main storyline,- but would be nice for you to see the story of Dungeons and Draenei, and enjoy the short comics I bring to you on a regular basis. Feeding all depths of our WoW Souls!

Hope you enjoy the latest comics- and I'd like to thank, Twisted Nether and Game By Night for mentioning me on blogs and posts-- its great to get reconigition once in a while, right :)

Thanks, and Happy reading!

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