Friday, 16 October 2009

Tier 10 is slowly being released...

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MMO-Champion now shows the Warlock and Mage Tier 10 fresh from Blizzards oven-- I was especially excited as my Main Character is of course a Warlock.

Now, think back. Tier 1 was amazing, Tier 2 looked great, Tier 3 certiantly no complaints from me. It all got better from there, and finally tier 6 was the icing on the cake. Wings, Evilness, awesomeness, being a warlock was great when it came to tier.

But this recent tier has made quiver a little bit- Why does it look like a evil mage? (although essentially you could argue Warlocks are just evil mages anyway). The Mage tier doesn't look to bad, but it has fangs on the head, wouldn't that look better for warlocks?

(Warlock tier 10)

The problem is, every class more or less has a boring or not-so-good tier, but because Warlocks have had such a good track record I guess I'm not used to it yet, but just lately it does seem like Blizzard's design has been a little slacking in places. I really don't like the wizard hat thing with this recent tier.

Rogue tier 10 looks weird too via the head, but the rest looks pretty good. What do you think? Am I just being Vain? I like to look good whilst evaporating souls. :D


  1. You think the warlock tier10 looks boring then have a look at the druid tier10. The helm looks ridiculous...

  2. Thanks Bob!

    And gosh, I guess its safe to say, warlocks aren't the only ones suffering (I mean, the rogue one is questionable too).

    Still, its highly possible I'm only thinking like this because of the standard it normally is, Tier 5 was amazing- maybe the older tiers shadow the newer ones so much we find it hard to adjust..

  3. I understand the rogue atleast though being modeled after the fast jumping geists, same w/ the War's after the vykrul n DK after the LK. I could name off others, but I kinda have to look at em. Warlocks...? i dunno >.> that seems random