Sunday, 11 October 2009

Recycle, the Possiblities are Endless.

*Click picture for bigger and better quality*

I mean, really. Your dumping all your quest items on the floor, theres animals getting in stuck in all those epics your throwing on the floor.

Does it hurt to be a little considerate? use a bin! Blizzard are setting a poor example! :D

I have a challenge for you, try and come up with a solution to throwing everything on the floor, for fun :D.


  1. Continue Your Fine Work!

    -Bob Dole.

  2. Kromus, this new blog of yours is absolutly great! I think you've found your nieche


  3. @Bob Dole:
    Thanks, Bob..dole. Lmao.

    Thankyou very much :)!! Im glad you like it- more funny scenarios and observations to come!

    Hope this blog caters not only for my creative outflow, but for readers reading and laughing needs- I hope to combine the two!