Saturday, 17 October 2009

More Then One Way to Skin a Dragon

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We're well into Onxyia patch 3.3.2 -- and it seems every bodies enjoying the revamped instance. I'm glad to see old content re-glorified, as I love a lot of the old fights and this lovely instance filled a gear gap I was having in replacing my spell power weapon- and lets be honest, there is a lot of old models that look great and are dis-used right now.

Can an old Worgen learn new tricks?:
We know almost definitely that Blizzard are implementing 'Heroic' Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep, with new armour but same bosses and similar story lines-- the question is, will it work?

I think so, Yes. I love almost all of the old content, and can't wait to spend more time in Azeroth, its so vast and beautiful, but un-used once your high level. Think of it as a business investment, a local area is low on tourism, you're going to try and attract people-- maybe Deathwing is doing Ratchet's local stores a favour.

But the most interesting thing is if they decided to go one step further and keep making old instances have heroic modes, and if they do, I'd support them 100% of the way. Its a great way of offering low and high end content that people really enjoy and would love to see in two different perspectives (I mean, how awesome is it going to be beating Van Cleef to death with bigger, better abilities!).

I'm not sure what other peoples thoughts are on this, but I certainly welcome any more old-content republishing Blizzard have in store.


  1. Bob Dole Loves Cake To!

    Bob Dole.

  2. I absolutely love that SFK is going to be a heroic dungeon. It is my favorite instance and I've dreamed of the day it would be a heroic.

    It's like Blizzard is monitoring some of my dreams. >.>



  3. I'm a bit torn on it. On one hand, I love the old instances, I even go run Deadmines once in awhile just to see the scenery, and I try to remember what it was like seeing it for the first time. On the other hand, all the scaling and new loot in the world isn't going to bring back the feeling of walking into a new instance for the first time. That magic only happens once.

  4. @bob dole: Everybody loves cake, except Illidan, he claims its not prepared.

    I love SFK, I love the ascend up to Arugal and the worgen in general-- plus it was always fun over-using curse when they cursed you to death. Quite litrally.

    Blizzard are monitoring your pulse, too!

    I can see why your torn-- its like when games bring out sequels or re-makes of awesome games.

    It can essentially make it or break it, so basically what Blizzard are doing is a marmite effect of something you'll either love or hate, most likely.

  5. Nice article/comic Kromus!

    @Bossypally: It's funny you should mention the deadmines and trying to remember what it was first like. I was on my way home today and was reminiscing about going in there my first time. I remember calling my friend and asking him "Have you done any instances yet?!" because we'd both started about the same time. Deadmines for someone new to the MMO genre is nothing short of epic. I remember getting out of work early one day and heading right to the college campus with my laptop to use their broadband connection just to do a run with that friend. He and I still talk about those early play throughs.

  6. Thanks :D

    Deadmines for the win. Vancleef pays big for you head...apprently.